"Vidjay’s musical style can be described best as fun, exciting, fresh, emotional and interesting"

Vidjay Beerepoot is an award-winning composer from the Netherlands. He has worked internationally as one of Europe's youngest established professional composers on some of the most popular TV shows and biggest films in Holland and Belgium.

His interest in music started at the age of eight. Vidjay started to play piano in several pop and jazz bands and orchestras. He entered the world of music composition when he composed his first piece for a theater production. After this experience Vidjay never stopped composing music.

He joined the Utrecht School of the Arts in Hilversum, The Netherlands where he received a Bachelor of Music with Honors and a European Media Master of Arts in Composition in Context from the Open University in Portsmouth, United Kingdom in 2005.

During his study his love towards music for picture began.

During his studies Vidjay worked part time as the music and sound supervisor at post production studio Moving Magic in Amsterdam where he composed and produced music and sound design for clients like EMI, SONY, AKZO NOBEL & ID&T.

In 2004 he started his own audio post production company SoundVibe Music where he composed and produced music for various feature films, corporate productions, television shows, theater productions and music albums. His clients include Nickelodeon, MTV, Microsoft, Endemol International, Studio 100, Bavaria, SBS Broadcasting, AVRO Television, EO Television and many others.

Vidjay wrote music for numerous award winning films and TV shows including the Golden Calf winning film Broken Moon, the RTL4 hit TV show Life & Cooking, the Nickelodeon hit TV show Naranjina and Samson & Gert for Studio 100.

But Vidjay wanted to learn more about film music and to expand his possibilities he moved to the film capital of the world: Hollywood, Los Angeles.

He was selected to attend the most prestigious film-scoring program in the world: the 'Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television' program at the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California. He graduated in 2011 with several honors and awards including the prestigious Outstanding
Certificate of 2011.

In 2007 he was honored to work with the famous Metropole Orchestra recording a song arrangement for the 'So you Wanna be a Popstar' TV show winner Erik Hulzebos at the Wisseloord studios in Hilversum. In 2012 Vidjay was lucky to work with this amazing orchestra again, writing arrangements for jazz icon Kurt Elling, Humphrey Campbell, Alessio Franchini and Gary Lucas. One of the highlights was to work on the Jeff Buckley Tribute Concert in Paradiso, Amsterdam.

Now located in L.A., he has worked with John Powell (Rio, How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek, The Bourne Series, and Kung Fu Panda) and Tom Holkenborg AKA JunkieXL on the biggest studio films at Remote Control Productions owned by academy award winner composer Hans Zimmer.

In 2012 Vidjay took part of the prestigious ASCAP Film Scoring Workshop with Primetime Emmy winner host Richard Bellis where he composed, orchestrated and conducted a composition for full orchestra recorded at the famous Alfred Newman Stage at the 21th Century FOX Studios. Vidjay was very honored to receive ‘The ASCAP Foundation Steve Kaplan TV & Film Studies Scholarship award’.

His love for the suspense, spy, action, comedy and drama genre will be heard through his music. It always serves the picture and Vidjay’s music brings stories to life.