Vidjay scores new animation feature Triple Trouble

A team of three pets, a playful ferret, a sweet canary bird and a know-it-all stick insect, head out to ask Saint Nicolas presents for their animal friends and themselves. The journey is filled with adventures and their friendship is severely tested. Most of all, ferret Fred has to choose between his love for toys and his friends.

Vidjay Beeerepoot will write the score for this animation feature. Songs will be written and produced by the famous Belgium producer Miguel Wiels (pop group K3).

This animation feature is produced by Anikey, Il Luster and Vivifilm in Europe. Vivifilm produced the multiple Oscar nominees, Les Triplette de Belville and The Secret of Kells.

Triple Trouble will be released worldwide by the end of 2014, distribution by A-Film. 


Animation Feature Triple Trouble. In theaters 2014